Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API and GDG Ghana is no different.

GDG Accra

Based in Accra, this developer group consists of both students and workers that reside within the accra metropolis.Events are usually organised at least once every 30 days.


This Developer group is a community of budding tech enthusiasts based in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. We meet to discuss, share and learn in a fun, creative and innovative way.


Developers in the Kumasi Metrolpolis interested in Google Technology fall under this umbrella. This group although the name states KNUST, coordinates and manages the events within the whole metropolis.

GDG Legon

GDG Legon is a group for those who are interested in learning about and developing solutions and apps using Google technologies..

GDG Ashesi

Google Developer Groups Ashesi University is a community of technology enthusiasts who are interested in using Google Technologies to build awesome solutions.